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Understanding Crime Definitions

Jamieson Law Firm Rock Hill SC Legal ServicesThese are some of the crimes that you could be accused of and their definitions. If you are charged with one or more of these offenses, you need to contact Jamieson Law Firm, a criminal attorney serving Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC, TODAY!

Assault & Battery

Assault is the threat or attempt to physically harm someone, while battery is the actual act of physical violence. These two crimes often occur together and thus are often charged together.

Domestic Violence

Physical or psychological abuse and/or negligence perpetrated against a member of a household by another, usually spouses.

Drunk Driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol. There are laws prohibiting driving under the influence of other substances.

Drug Offenses

A wide range of crimes dealing with the use, distribution, possession, or command of any controlled substance, or illegally used or distributed prescription medication.

Drug Possession

Possessing most controlled substances is a felony, with the exception of marijuana, which is usually considered a misdemeanor, as is possession of drug paraphernalia such as a pipe.

Drug Transportation

The transporting of illegal drugs, or narcotics, occurs when an individual knowingly transfers the substances from one place to another. Whether transporting small amounts of narcotics or large amounts, both crimes are considered serious offenses.

Drug Distribution

The distribution of illegal drugs or narcotics occurs when an individual sells narcotics. Drug distribution refers to the act of selling narcotics to others and the gravity of the crime depends on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Drug Cultivation

Drug cultivation has two definitions. (1) Growing, possessing, or producing plants and other natural elements that can be used to produce unlawful controlled substances, such as marijuana, is considered drug cultivation. (2) The production of illegal controlled substances which require laboratory equipment and chemicals to produce, such as LSD and methamphetamine may be considered drug cultivation.

Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing involves the creation of illegal drugs in a chemical lab or growing facility. The size of the operation or chemical plant and the kind of drugs being produced or manufactured can influence the severity of the charges.

Drug Sales

You don’t need to actually sell drugs or for any money to change hands to be arrested for intending to sell them. You can be arrested for this felony by having within your control evidence that law enforcement considers conclusive, including items such as scales, fortified (tinted) windows, and visitors arriving or leaving your home at all hours. Many of these charges can be exaggerated or lack substantial evidence.

Anabolic Steroids

Since 2004, anabolic steroids have been classified as a Schedule III drug, the same as Vicodin, barbiturates, and veterinary tranquilizers. It is a federal offense to possess these drugs, and an even greater one to possess them with the intent to sell them.


The theft or misappropriation of assets that belong to an employer, company, or governing body, but are entrusted to the person(s) committing the crime.


The act of or attempt to take assets from another person through intimidation, coercion, or other threats. Actual procurement of the assets is not required for the crime to be considered extortion.


Deceit with the intent of depriving someone of his/her property.

Illegal Possession of Weapons

The unlawful possession of any banned weapon, including various knives, automatic weapons, and others. Can also include the unlawful possession of any weapon at all by a person specifically not allowed to possess one, such as a convicted felon.


The intentional killing of one person by another. In most jurisdictions, any planned murder, or any death occurring during the course of a crime is considered first-degree murder, and all others are considered second-degree murder.


Any lewd or lascivious act perpetrated against a child up to 18 years old, including sexual touching, flashing, rape, pornography, and exposure to sexually explicit materials.

Probation Violations

Any violation of restrictions imposed on a person as a condition of his/her probation.


Forced sexual intercourse against the victim’s will, usually accomplished by means of duress, menace, violence, or force.

Sex Crimes

Any illegal sexual behavior, including incest, indecent exposure, rape, molestation, sexual assault, sexual abuse, statutory rape, necrophilia, bestiality, and more.


The illegal, non-consensual taking of another person’s property. This term is sometimes used as an umbrella term encompassing larceny, burglary, embezzlement, looting, and similar crimes.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Causing the death of a person through the reckless, negligent, or illegal use of a motor vehicle.