Search Warrant Laws for Drugs in South Carolina

Saying a drug charge is serious is an understatement. While avoiding drugs is your best strategy, you should know what to do if you are faced with these charges. A criminal defense lawyer will always recommend that you know your state’s search warrant laws. The Jamieson Law Firm wants to share some information on South Carolina’s search warrant laws for drugs:

  • What are search warrants? A search warrant, or signed court document, enables law enforcement officers to search a specific address. However, even if they have a search warrant, an officer must announce their presence at your door before conducting the search.
  • What is probable cause? In South Carolina, a police officer can search for drugs and other contraband on your person – but only if they have probable cause, or reasonable grounds, for the search.
  • What if you’re under arrest? An officer can search a person who is in the process of being arrested for contraband items. This can be the case even if the arrest is for a different type of crime.
  • What role does consent play? An officer cannot search your property for drugs and other contraband without either your consent or a warrant.

It’s always best to speak with a criminal defense lawyer if you’re faced with search warrants or drug charges. Call The Jamieson Law Firm to speak to our attorneys about your case.

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