4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Prenup

“Is a prenup a good idea?” This is a common question that couples consider before they get married. While you may be uncomfortable with the idea of a prenuptial agreement, a family lawyer has compelling reasons why you should get one. Here are four reasons why attorney Philip W. Jamieson of Jamieson Law Firm thinks you should consider getting a prenup.

  1. You’ll know upfront how debt will be handled – There’s no question that financial debt causes marital strain. Prenups allow you to prearrange who will be responsible for what debt. This is especially important for debt that either party brings into the marriage. Prenups can also simplify how debt will be handled if you should get divorced.
  2. You’ll know what will happen to your assets – Prenups allow you to protect your assets from your spouse should the marriage end. This will help you reduce the chances of lengthy negotiations – or avoid them altogether – if the partnership doesn’t last.
  3. You’ll know how to deal with inherited property – Did you inherit a property? Adding it to a prenup means the property will stay in your hands if you break up with your spouse.
  4. You’ll make divorce settlements easier – Finally, a prenup prevents many of the most exhausting components of the divorce process. These agreements predetermine marital assets for both spouses in the event of a divorce. All in all, prenups help make a divorce less painful and time-consuming.

Couples considering a prenuptial agreement will need to meet with a family lawyer. The Jamieson Law Firm is ready to help you start your life together on solid legal ground. Contact our Rock Hill, SC office for an appointment.

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