5 Questions to Ask Your Family Law Attorney

There’s a lot to do before your first meeting with a family law attorney. You have to gather your documents and go over the details that are crucial to your case. However, there’s more to do than just prepare for the questions your family lawyer will ask you. You’ll also want to ask your attorney questions. … [Read more…]

What to Expect When You Meet With a Family Law Attorney

Now that you know how to find the right family law attorney for your case, it’s time to prepare for your first meeting. Every lawyer is different, but in general, these tips will help you have a productive consultation. That’s the first step towards getting your case resolved. Prior to your initial consultation, make sure … [Read more…]

How to Find the Best Family Law Attorney for You

Deciding that you need a family law attorney is just the first step in the process. You’ll now need to find the best family lawyer for your particular case. Here are some tips to help you hire the right attorney, improving your chances for winning your case. Start by compiling a list of potential attorneys. For … [Read more…]

When Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

Making the decision to hire a lawyer is often a difficult one. This is especially true in matters of family law. The issues involved in these types of cases are emotional, personal, and sometimes even heartbreaking. Although the journey may not result in easy or quick resolutions, sometimes hiring a family law attorney is the best … [Read more…]

Welcome to Jamieson Law Firm!

Jamieson Law Firm has served clients in the Rock Hill and Fort Mill areas of South Carolina since 2003. Our attorney, Philip W. Jamieson, is committed to helping you with your legal issues. He is committed to his clients and to making sure justice is done in our legal system. Our law firm offers expert … [Read more…]