Holiday Spending & Bankruptcy

Did you shop ’til you dropped before Christmas? It may have felt great to shower your loved ones with gifts, but how will you feel when those bills roll in? Placing yourself in financial distress is never healthy, even when you’re doing it for someone else. It’s important to be cautious about spending money this time of year – and to know what to do if you find yourself with money troubles. The bankruptcy attorney at the Jamieson Law Firm wants to share this information about holiday spending and the bankruptcy code.

  1. Get a clearer picture of the bankruptcy law – How serious are your financial difficulties? Is it more than just your holiday shopping? Do you feel like bankruptcy relief may be the answer to your problems? If so, then know the bankruptcy codes. Bankruptcy code states that some purchases are not dischargeable.
  2. Be alert to financial pitfalls – No matter what time of the year it is, you should watch out for financial tricks that can trip you up. If you know you’re having trouble paying your bills, don’t go on a shopping spree for things you (or others) don’t need. Instead, do something for yourself. Take time to meet with a bankruptcy attorney.
  3. Shop smarter and with honesty – Finally, shop within a strict budget, especially if you’re having money troubles. Be honest with others about not being able to make expensive purchases. Shop wisely and effectively by limiting yourself.

If you think you need to speak with a bankruptcy attorney, you can contact Jamieson Law Firm for help. Philip W. Jamieson will be more than happy to help you tackle those holiday financial stresses.

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