Can You Get Out of a DUI Charge?

A DUI charge can change your life. The repercussions can be significant if you’re found guilty. Not only could it cost you your driver’s license and leave you with a fine to pay, it could also cost you job opportunities and cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. With all this in mind, you’ll want to avoid one of these charges at all cost. The best thing you can do is to never drink and drive. But if you do find yourself facing a DUI, is there anything you can do to fight it? Is there any way to get out of it? The criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at Jamieson Law Firm have some information to share with you on the subject.

One key factor in fighting a DUI charge involves hiring the right lawyer. The sooner you find a criminal lawyer near you to help with your case, the better chance you have. A DUI attorney will quickly point out important details that could make all the difference in your case.

Failing a field sobriety test makes it harder to fight your DUI charge. However, your criminal law attorney may discover factors that would render your field sobriety test invalid. These include the conditions of the location where the test was administered and any underlying physical conditions you may have. Again, legal assistance is necessary for making this case.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, you don’t have to fight it on your own. Contact our criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC for help. At Jamieson Law Firm, we’ll do everything we can to get the best outcome for your individual situation.

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