What Happens if You Don’t Get a Prenup?

There’s a lot of planning that happens before you get married. However, there’s one thing you may not have thought to do: discuss a prenuptial agreement with a family lawyer. While you may think it’s unromantic, a prenup can actually save you a lot of worry in the future. The Jamieson Law Firm wants you to understand what could happen if you don’t get a prenup.

  • Property distribution can be complicated – If you should get divorced, what happens to your property? What happens to property you’ve inherited? A prenuptial agreement establishes this upfront so you can avoid a messy dispute.
  • You could be left paying someone else’s bills – Without a prenup, you could be held responsible for your spouse’s debt after the marriage ends. This often causes financial hardship and lots of hard feelings.
  • There may be questions about other responsibilities – Every relationship is different. Spouses bring many types of assets and liabilities into a marriage. A prenup will help establish who is responsible for particular issues and who retains which assets after the marriage is dissolved.

In short, prenuptial agreements are a great way to avoid lengthy, complicated divorce proceedings if your relationship doesn’t work out. The best way to find out if a prenup is right for your situation is to speak with a family lawyer. Call the Jamieson Law Firm today at our Rock Hill, SC office.

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