What’s the Difference Between DUI & DWI?

If you know anything about South Carolina’s DUI laws, you know that being charged with a DUI is serious and life-changing. The same is true if you’re charged with a DWI. Both DUI and DWI charges involve the illegal action of driving a vehicle while being incapacitated. When this happens, your condition makes you a danger to yourself and others. But what are the differences between these charges? The criminal lawyers in Rock Hill at Jamieson Law Firm want to explain a little more about DUIs and DWIs. Here’s a brief overview:

  • DUI – DUI charges are given to those who have been suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An officer of the law will test your blood alcohol concentration level and charge you if you’re over the legal limit for your state.
  • DWI – DWI charges are given to those who are suspected to have been driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. These charges tend to be more serious than DUIs due to the degree of impairment determined by the police officer.

As one of the top drunk driving law firms in Rock Hill, our criminal lawyers know that the best defense against these two charges is to never drink or do drugs and drive. However, if you are charged, you need experienced DUI lawyers and criminal lawyers in Rock Hill to help you with your case. Please contact Philip W. Jamieson of Jamieson Law Firm in Rock Hill, SC when you need help.

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