Can Your DUI Charge Be Expunged?

There’s no question that a DUI will negatively impact your life, for life. If you’re facing this type of charge, you’ll need to take immediate action to have a chance of minimizing how it affects your record. But can your DUI charge be expunged? Here are some important facts from the criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at Jamieson Law Firm.

  • Find out if you’re eligible – Not every state allows DUI charges to be removed from a person’s record. South Carolina does allow for DUIs to be expunged.
  • Contact a criminal lawyer near you – A criminal law attorney will pore over every detail of your incident. They may be able to find technicalities or areas where an officer failed to follow the letter of the law. A DUI lawyer may be your best hope for salvaging your record.
  • It’s not a free pass – While expunging a DUI seemingly gives you a clean slate on paper, it doesn’t mean it’s completely erased from existence. For example, if you should get another DUI charge, your expunged charge will be mentioned in court. You’ll also be responsible for revealing the expunged charge if you’re directly asked about any prior convictions in certain situations. Ask your DUI attorney for specifics.

The criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at the Jamieson Law Firm will help you decide the best course of action for your DUI case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your case.

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