3 Types of Drug Charges in South Carolina

Drug charges can change your life. But with the right drug lawyer to help you with your case, it is possible to fight back. However, before you can start building your case, you need to understand your state’s laws regarding drug offenses. Today, the criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at Jamieson Law Firm will … [Read more…]

How to Fight Drug Possession Charges

Fighting a drug possession charge can be an uphill battle. However, it is possible to fight these charges if you have the right criminal attorney on your side. The criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at Jamieson Law Firm have extensive experience representing clients facing drug possession charges. Here are several things to consider if you find … [Read more…]

What Is Social Security Disability?

Before you file for Social Security disability benefits, it’s important that you understand this type of protection. The Social Security lawyers in Rock Hill, SC at Jamieson Law Firm want to help you. Here are some fast facts about Social Security disability insurance that you need to know: What is Social Security disability insurance? – This coverage … [Read more…]

How Are Parole & Probation Different?

Criminal lawyers in Rock Hill, SC advise clients on many different matters. It’s quite common for people to ask us basic questions about how the criminal justice system works. For example, many of our clients are unsure about the difference between parole and probation. Today, attorney Philip W. Jamieson of Jamieson Law Firm would like to explain … [Read more…]

How to Find a Social Security Disability Lawyer

When you need to file for Social Security benefits, it’s critical that you hire an experienced disability lawyer to help you. The Jamieson Law Firm wants you to know how to find the best Social Security lawyers in Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC. Here are several important things to look for. Degree of professionalism –Contact local … [Read more…]

How to Avoid Holiday Child Custody Battles

The holidays can be a challenging time for families with child custody arrangements. Custody disputes can ruin the seasonal spirit of joy for both you and your children. Philip Jamieson, Jamieson Law Firm’s family law attorney in Rock Hill and Fort Mill, has some tips for you on how to avoid holiday child custody battles: … [Read more…]

Managing Family Law Issues Over the Holidays

For families going through divorce, custody battles, and other legal issues, the holidays can be a difficult time. It’s important to keep your emotions under control in order to maintain goodwill with the other parties involved. A family law attorney like Philip W. Jamieson of Jamieson Law Firm can help make this time easier on … [Read more…]

What’s the Difference Between DUI & DWI?

If you know anything about South Carolina’s DUI laws, you know that being charged with a DUI is serious and life-changing. The same is true if you’re charged with a DWI. Both DUI and DWI charges involve the illegal action of driving a vehicle while being incapacitated. When this happens, your condition makes you a … [Read more…]

What Are South Carolina’s DUI Laws?

Getting a DUI charge is a serious thing. After all, these types of charges can have impact the rest of your life. In order to prevent yourself from getting stopped or charged in the first place, it’s important to understand South Carolina’s DUI laws. With a thorough understanding of these laws, along with the help … [Read more…]

Why Do You Need to Hire a Local DUI Attorney?

Being charged with a DUI is a real nightmare. It’s even worse if you try to take care of it on your own. If you make one wrong step, you could ruin your case – and even your life. But how exactly can a local DUI attorney help you? The legal professionals at Jamieson Law Firm want … [Read more…]